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wonderful trip at Ulagalla…

Thank you so much for organising such a. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and I am delighted to report that Chris has now completely fallen in love with Sri Lanka too! .. so that means we will definitely be back.

 And thank you so much for ‘giving’ us Nal.  He is a lovely man.  Very knowledgeable and patient, and an absolute pleasure to be with.

Ulagalla was gorgeous.  The manager there (I’ve forgotten his name!) is delightful.  And he told me to tell you that you had to go and visit the resort … which you must!  He gave us a wonderful room with our own tree house!  Great for star-gazing. .. And I may feature in their next newsletter as the first person to ‘play’ golf there!! So look out for me! I have to say that I am looking forward to learning more about their proposed resorts on the East Coast as Chris and I would very much like to head that way next time!

Kandy House was as charming as ever.

We had a wonderful time at Tea Trails also.  They have a wonderful concept up there, and its so different to the other parts of Sri Lanka. .. could be a little pricey though, so I am glad Nick was able to give us a good rate!

Our time at Aditiya and around Galle was great too.  I am pleased that we opted for that hotel as it does give you a more relaxed feeling than staying the whole time in Galle Fort, and its not too too far from the Fort.

Our only hiccup really was Tintagel.  I remember staying there before with Joan and Nick and not particularly liking it then, but I’d forgotten how much I didn’t like it!  When we were arranging the trip I was really bothered about where to stay in Galle, and I think I didn’t really bother about Colombo so much as I knew we were only there for one whole night-so its my fault for not saying anything to you. The rooms are SO DARK.  We had a room on the ground floor which had some outside space, but it consisted of about a 6′ patio and then a huge wall, so we had no view outside whatsoever.  (I could see the blue sky peeping through and felt very frustrated!-felt like I was in prison!) The wifi internet was totally useless.  The shaving socket in the bathroom was falling off the wall (literally!)  And to cap it all they STILL do not have a liquor licence so we were unable to have a beer or glass of wine. And no welcome drink on arrival – the only hotel not to offer one!

Even though I have actually written far more about the negative side of Tintagel, it does not in ANYWAY, outweigh our otherwise truly superb time in Sri Lanka-all the other aspects of the trip were wonderful-the other hotels were first class, transport excellent … what more can I say-except that I am very much looking forward to our next trip to Sri Lanka!

Do get in touch when you are next in London!

All the very best, and thank you so much once again



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