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Travellerspoint Member Newsletter

Travellerspoint Member Newsletter

Travellerspoint Member Newsletter

Travellerspoint Community Newsletter

Welcome to the October issue of the Travellerspoint newsletter!

What’s happening this month?

We’re about to launch a mobile optimised version of Travellerspoint.

If you’d like to help out by giving us feedback (yes, you can be mean), then please get in touch with Peter and he’ll give you early access.

We also have another update on The TP Foundation Kiva Team: we now have 33 members and recently passed the US$10K mark for loans given. That’s a grand total of 90 loans under our belt. Not bad considering TPF started with US$13.50 on 7 March 2009! Get involved here.

If you didn’t catch the news, co-founder Sam has welcomed another super-cute tot into the world with baby Isak. Here’s his latest pose. Congratulations to the Klingen Daams!

Finally, we’re kicking off our latest Sunrises and Sunsets Photo Competition. Prizes this month are donated by Australian merino, Australian made thermal underwear brand Pentonvillain. Cheers guys!

Safe travels and see you next month!

Doors and Windows Photo Competition Winner

Look up in Udaipurwati, India by krunal.

Krunal won $100 worth of items of their choice from camera bag and case guru M-ROCK.

Runners-up kostlin and amartxa also received an M-ROCK voucher, this time for $30 each.

Check out more stunning photography to transport you here

Talking Travel with Tammi Jonas (tammois)

About the Talking Travel Series: Every month, we turn the spotlight on one Travellerspoint member to celebrate the amazing group of people who make up our travel community.

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This month, our featured member is Tammi Jonas (tammois), a travelling mother, a studious traveller and a well-travelled cultural theorist from Melbourne, Australia.

You’re travelling with your partner and three children, what advice do you have for families on the road?

I guess the most important things we’ve learned from travelling with little kids are to be flexible, manage our expectations, help them predict what will be happening in the days ahead, and when all else fails, say yes to pancakes. As for expectations – in Paris we had this silly idea that we’d revisit and recapture our youthful experience of falling in love in Paris – yeah, right, ‘cos that was going to happen with three kids aged four and under! So instead of long days at galleries, we plan a couple hours, and instead of lots of cafes, we picnic in parks more.

It’s hard to ignore the impact of food in your life, why are you so passionate about it?

That’s an interesting question. I think that you grow as a person as you see more of the world, and of course that helps mature your writing. My experience as documented on the blog has been more about living abroad than just visiting new places however, which is definitely a different kind of travel. I think when you stay longer in a place you get a better sense of how people live in that city, and it’s always different.

Where’s your favourite place in the world?

Wherever I am at the moment.

Read the full interview with Tammi here

“When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.”

– Susan Heller via Travel Quotes


If you’re planning to do some travelling soon, take a look at the range of products Travellerspoint offers:

Industry Interview with Steph of Twenty-Something Travel

About the Industry Interview Series: Aside from our ongoing Talking Travel posts, we’re now profiling industry insiders and leaders. This month we chat

to Stephanie Yoder a freelance travel writer and founder of the popular travel blog Twenty-Something Travel. She is a non-9-to-5 enthusiast, a self-described “Girl who can’t sit still” and on a mission to encourage others to launch their own international adventures.

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whenever we publish a new interview.

What is Twenty-Something Travel?

There is this idea, particularly in the United States where I’m from, that you need to go to school, get a job, start a family, and then maybe when you are older you’ll have time to travel. I think that’s really a shame because in many ways your 20s are the ideal time to see the world: you have more energy, less responsibilities, and the lessons you learn while travelling can stick with you your entire life. I created my website with the goal of encouraging other young people to get out and see the world.

What words of encouragement would you give to people wanting to do a big trip but are a little hesitant?

The absolute hardest part of executing a big trip is actually making the decision to do it. It’s such a big mental block and a lot of people struggle with the choice. Once you actually commit to making it happen, the rest falls into place fairly easily.

It can be really daunting to upend your life – but hey you’ve only got one chance to live.

I’ve never met anyone who has regretted taking time off to travel, but I’ve met plenty of people who wish they had.

Read more of Steph’s answers here


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