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Travellerspoint June Newsletter

Travellerspoint June Newsletter

Travellerspoint Community Newsletter

Welcome to the June issue of the Travellerspoint newsletter!

What’s happening this month?

You might have noticed something different on Travellerspoint recently…

That’s right, we have a beautiful new homepage to help you discover our best features faster! You’ll now find featured photos, guides and blog posts on display in the photo slider, as well as three columns detailing how to plan, book and share your journey. This page simplifies and replaces the logged in and out view for users – we hope you like it! If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear about it in our 2011 Community Survey or contact us directly.

We’re also heading to Travel Blog Exchange (aka TBEX) next week in Vancouver. If you want to follow what’s happening in the travel blogging industry, check out updates on Twitterand/or on the Travellerspoint Blog.

Finally, we’re pleased to announce an amazing prize for our newadventure-themed photo competitionMuch Better Adventuresis generously offering the choice of two holidays for the lucky winner. To find out how you could be relaxing in Central America or mountain biking in the French Alps, click here.

Pink Photo Competition Winner

Angkor Wat Sunrise by Jazmin81

Jazmin wins a $100 accommodation voucher for this shot taken in Cambodia.

The runner-up was trish54 with her photo: Looking to the lighttaken in Benderloch, UK.

Check out the top 10 pink photos here


Talking Travel with Vagamos

About the Talking Travel Series: Every month, we turn the spotlight on one Travellerspoint member to celebrate the amazing group of people who make up our travel community.

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This month, our featured members are Karla Miranda and Angus Florance of Vagamos (Vagamos), a couple from Melbourne who resigned from their jobs and are using their life savings to experience the world.

You plan to visit three continents over six months Ð where are you going and how do you plan to fit it all in?

The plan is to visit North America, South West Europe and India in 6 months. We originally had planned out 9 months Ð this covered more of Europe and the Middle East, however due to time and more importantly financial restrictions we opted for 6 months! We also decided to spend more time in less locations, which will allow us to experience a lot more culture, as opposed to spending time in transit between places.

Why do you travel and how important is it to you?

Travel is extremely important to both of us. We love experiencing different cultures, food and people. Both our families have travelled significantly when we were younger and it’s just been a part of our lives since. As a result, we’ve found it makes us appreciate Australia more and everything it has to offer. We’ll always travel, but we’ll always come back home.

Read the full interview with Vagamos here


If you’re planning to do some travelling soon, take a look at the range of products Travellerspoint offers:

Industry Interview with Darren of Travel Rants

About the Industry Interview Series: Aside from our ongoing Talking Travel posts, we’re now profiling industry insiders and leaders. This month we chat to Darren Cronian– a travel industry commentator and the brains behind Travel Rants – a site that rants about the problems that consumers face with travel.

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Why did you set up Travel Rants?

In 2005, I visited a high-street travel agency to book a holiday and felt that the service I received was very poor Ð the agent was more bothered about planning her Friday night out and filing her nails than actually helping me to find a holiday. On my way home I realised there must be tons of issues that consumers have with travel. I had previously read an article about this thing called a ÔblogÕ, where you could publish content, a few weeks later, Travel Rants was born…

What advice do you have for customers wanting to complain about a negative travel industry encounter?

This is something that has come up a lot. The consumer writes a huge six page letter complaining about their holiday, because they want to get it all off their chest, but actually, the best thing to do is to bullet point the essential parts of your complaint; keep it short and to the point. I wrote a guide about how to complain to a travel company which goes into much more detail, but it is important to keep any copies of documentation, take photos or even a video of the issues youÕve had. Keep a list of the dates youÕve communicated with them and take names of people you have spoken to on the telephone.

Read more of Darren’s answers here

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