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“Tourism Linking Cultures” themed for World Tourism Day- 2011

This year’s World Tourism Day will be celebrated under the theme of ‘Tourism – Linking Cultures’ set by the United Nations World Tourism Organization. The main focus of this year’s theme is to foster awareness among the international community of the value of tourism and its cultural impact and to gain experience in understanding cultural diversity.

The World Tourism Day celebrations in Sri Lanka have been planned to implement with the contribution of all stakeholders related to travel and tourism industry. There are several programms lined-up for this year’s event including a ceremony for releasing new stamps and postcards commemorating the 2011 event, “Colombo Wall” painting among school children, career guidance work -shops, cultural shows , food festivals and many more events  in provincial  and national level specially focused on the youth taking into account the tourism potential in the country in the coming years.

A Tourism Zone will be declared from Uttarananda Mw to Perahera Mawatha named as “Road to Paradise” where the main activities are scheduled to take place from 25th to 28th of September. Two thousand school children from 110 different schools in the Western province  participate to draw a 1KM long painting in this area named as “Colombo Wall”. The painting will showcase the Colombo city in the future as seen through the eyes of these children.

The main function will take place on 27th of September with  the arrangements to release 10 new stamps and picture post cards covering this year’s promotional themes of Sri Lanka tourism including Pristine, Heritage, Bliss, Wild, Scenic, Thrills, Festive and Essence and Scenic. The stamps will bear the value of rupees five(4 stamps) and fifteen(2 stamps). Also 04 Airmail stamps valuing Rs.30, 35, 40 and 45 will also be released with this. A special Food Fiesta will be held in the tourism zone with the participation of Colombo Hoteliers Association. Variety of food items from different cultures will be prepared and served for the public during this festival highlighting the theme of cultural links.

Apart from this special vocational training programs will be organized targeting the youth and school children for educating them on the prospects of the Tourism Industry. The World Tourism Day programs will conclude with the vivid cultural shows  which will take place on 27th and 28th of September.

Special significance of this year’s program is the involvement of all stake holders of tourism industry with the leadership of  Vocational Training Authority, Tourist Hotels Association , Inbound Tour Operators Association, Chef Guilds Association etc in association with the Ministry of Economic Development , Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skill Development, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Postal Services  and Sri Lanka Tourism,  in the implementation of the programs.




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