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Sincere Appreciation



Mrs.Bobby Jordan Hansen – Chairperson & Mr.Curt Hansen – Director, Columbus Tours Sri Lanka This is to express my sincere appreciation as well as rest of the stuff for the very kind gesture in affording us the opportunity for visiting Singapore and Dubai on the 20th & 23rd anniversaries of Columbus Tours and on a previous occasion too. More so, as it was on the house and no doubt unparalleled when compared with other establishment. If not for your kindness in providing these holiday facilities, we are sure most of us, if not all, would not have the opportunity of foreign travel, to say the least. More over , we are sure that the monies spent could have been unitised to further improve the business, if you so wished. We are very appreciative of the fact that we are also considered an integral part of your business and made of feel “belonging to one family” Please accept our grateful thanks and assurance of continued support and service to Columbus Tours and your selves. May the lord be your guiding light in all future endeavours. Romold Juriansz (On behalf of the staff)


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