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anthonybourdainAll you gourmets will appreciate the new series TV series NO RESERVATIONS featurning Anthony Bordain

Well its going to be a whole lot more interesting in February 2009 because Anthony Bourdain himself visited Sri Lanka on a flying visit.

Our very own world famous chef KOLUU, about whose cooking Madhur Jiffrey  wrote a quarter page article in the FOOD section of the Financial Times, demonstates to Anthony Bourdain, the correct art of cooking a black pork curry and a Beef Smore, at a hip and trendy café in the centre of Colombo – Barefoot Café. The exact combination of ground spices makes the “black” in black pork curry mouth wateringly-delicious. The beef smore is the local “roast beef” but spiced up delicately with curry leaves etc.,  For food lovers, this show will be a learning experience and you will be quite amazed at how easy it is to cook up a storm with Koluu and Anthony Bourdain.flyer21

Another interesting aspect to his visit to Colombo was that Anthony Bourdain learnt the art of preparing a LAMPRAIS. Originating from the Burghers (decendants of the Portuguese and Dutch living in Sri Lanka) this delicacy is absolutely scrumptious. Lorraine Bartholomeusz is a fine exponent of this art of cooking a lamprais (her lamprais are sold at the Dutch Burgher Union) and Lorraine was in for a surprise when Anthony Bourdain walked into her kitchen ! Of course he got treated to the full spectacle of Lorraine and her girl Friday “Hema” churning out their lamprais for the D.B.U.

Anthony Bordain watched the preparation of this delicacy – blanching the banana leaves, grinding the famous “blachang” on a stone, and frying the brinjals to make the brinjal “pahi” boiling the samba rice is special stock etc., They then proceeded to sample The lamprais, and the verdict was “DELICIOUS” in one word.

So please watch the TRAVEL AND LIVING channel for these very special programs which are going to be aired in Feb.09

No Reservations – Sri Lanka Part 1 of 5

No Reservations – Sri Lanka Part 2 of 5

No Reservations – Sri Lanka Part 3 of 5

No Reservations – Sri Lanka Part 4 of 5

No Reservations – Sri Lanka Part 5 of 5


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