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Clients Feedback about Naal Kingsly De Silva

Dear Columbus Tours,

We would like to give you some feedback about Naal Kingsly De Silva.
He was our Guide and Chauffeur when we traveled around the Island for 21 days (2 adults, 1 boy of 6 years old and 1 girl of 4 years old from The Netherlands).

Naal was extremely friendly. To us and specially to the children.
He had a keen eye for our needs. Whenever he could help us, he did automatically.
Naal stood very open to our questions and suggestions. He arranged things even when it didn’t really belong to the program.
He was very patience with all the questions the kids had. He knew a lot and told us a lot about Sri Lanka.
Even after the trip was over (and we spend more days in two hotels just relaxing) he kept us informed about our trip, asked if everything was OK and talked to the children over the Phone.

We went on a lot of foreign trips and had a lot of guides. We never had such a good guide.

So thank you very much,
Hubertus Dekkers and Family


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