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Dear bobby,

Welcome to the September 2012  issue of Bradtpackers’ News.

In this issue…

First Aid Kits for Travellers

by Jane Wilson-Howarth, author of A Glimpse of Eternal Snows

Jane Wilson-HowarthInexperienced travellers generally take far too much medical gear. The easiest Pharmacyway of taking the essentials is to buy a ready-made kit but even these will contain lots of things you’ll never need. Wise travellers will put their own together or add to a commercial kit. Often what you need will be available at your destination, although of course if you want anything in a hurry, it’ll take you a while to discover where to buy it. Chemist’s shops, drug stores, pharmacies, or apotiks can be found all over the world and in most regions the pharmacist is well trained and a great source of sensible, competent health advice, as well as supplies. Pharmacists usually also sell medicaments – like eye-drops for conjunctivitis or antibiotic cream for impetigo – that at home you can only acquire with a doctor’s prescription.

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© 2012 Jane Wilson-Howarth

Extracts from A Glimpse of Eternal Snows

by Jane Wilson-Howarth

Set agaiA Glimpsenst the back-drop of one of the most colourful countries in the world, A Glimpse of Eternal Snows: A Journey of Love and Loss in the Himalayas is an inspiring story of courage, love and a family’s determination to give their child the best life possible. Below are two extracts from the first and last chapters. For fuller extracts see the website.

From Chapter 1:

‘You’re carrying your baby like a monkey!’ an ancient woman shouted as we ducked into the small, smoky shack. We sat down on a couple of benches. Simon ordered tea as I extracted David from the baby-carrier and suckled him. The woman wandered inside; I now saw that she was prematurely wrinkly and actually about my own age. She watched me for a few minutes, then said, ‘Why were you out in the sun with one so young? Your milk will get too hot!’ I was growing used to unwanted advice, but this came with a smile; it wasn’t like the criticism of the doctors we’d fled from a couple of weeks before.6-year old Alexander

A scrawny cockerel with delusions of grandeur chased one of his harem noisily past us. Silhouetted in the low doorway, blocking out the light, was a whispering, watching huddle of young women. They didn’t dare venture inside, but it was obvious who they were discussing. As I smiled at them, they started to giggle. Two fled with their hands over their mouths. We downed our glasses of thick, sweet tea and left while the young women pleaded with us to let them keep David.

At the next river, we drove down the bank and plunged in. Clear water surged onto the bonnet and over the windscreen. Three-and-a-half-year-old Alexander whooped with delight, and his excitement made little David chuckle.

From Chapter 33:

I realised how privileged we’d been to have been able to protect David from his doctors and from English embarrassment when faced with disability. David was a person in Nepal. That snug thought made me smile again. My years in Nepal had given me some of the very richest and highest of times, as well as the absolute lowest.

For more extracts click here.

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Win an invitation to write for Bus-Pass Britain Rides Again

BPB Rides AgainHot on the success of Bus-Pass Britain: 50 of the Nation’s Favourite Bus Journeys, Bradt is on the hunt to find more bus routes for a follow-up book. Nominate your personal favourite in the Bradt competition. The winners will be invited to write about their chosen route for inclusion in Bus-Pass Britain Rides Again: More of the Nation’s Favourite Bus Journeys to be published in late 2013. Selected entries will also be used in a Daily Express/Sunday Express Travel feature.

We are looking for long and short routes, rural and urban rides (and a few quirky routes that defy expectation), as well as a good regional variety across England, Scotland and Wales. The deadline for entries 15th November 2012.

For full details on how to enter click here

TripfinderNew TripFinder service for Bradtpackers

Bradt has partnered with Wanderlust to bring you a new TripFinder service from our website.With Trip Finder, you can access over 5,500 trips from leading adventure tour operators to find your ideal holiday. Click on the image to go direct to Tripfinder.

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